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The Association of Brown Tompkins Lory and Mastrian

Is a very unique group of attorneys who have come together to ensure the best service to clients across a broad range of legal practice areas.

In 2000, the founders of this group, Richard Brown, Jr., John L. Tompkins and Brady Lory, got together with the purpose  of creating an entirely new legal services environment for attorneys and clients The goal was to attract a diverse group of independent lawyers who were at the top of their practice areas.  To do this, BTLM bought their current building and installed first class staff, support and facilities to allow efficient office management for separate legal practices.  This close proximity to other attorneys practicing in separate areas of the law allows our attorneys access to a wide range of expertise and experience when counseling their individual clients.  We are proud to say the founders plan worked. BTLM boasts ten independent attorneys practicing in a wide range of areas, and can address all of your legal needs.

In creating BTLM, establishing a first class client experience was just as important as attracting excellent lawyers.  To this end, the founders considered convenience, note our large free parking area, easy highway access and excellent handicap access.  We also recognized that the overall office environment can be intimidating in some law offices, so we strive to treat our clients in ways that will help them feel at ease from the moment they arrive.    If your attorney is not immediately available, our office staff will host you with refreshments, wireless computer access, or reading materials while you wait.  When our clients meet with their attorneys they benefit from the fact that we have attracted lawyers who are recognized as some of the best in their respective fields, but what many clients come to realize over time is that having an outstanding attorney is only the beginning of the BTLM experience.  Frequently one legal circumstance leads to another, related, legal need.  This is where the founder’s philosophy really separates our experience from any other.  BTLM has attracted separate attorneys practicing in separate areas of the law.Any single attorney located with us can find a client the very best related legal services RIGHT DOWN THE HALL.  As a result, the client now also benefits from the efficiency of co-locating separate law offices under one roof.

As the association moves forward, we remain committed to attracting the best attorneys from a wide range of practice areas, and in the process, to ensure the very best environment and service to all clients.  We realize that no two clients are alike in their legal needs, and remain flexible with alternative billing structures to provide personal service that many fear costs too much to expect.  


Richard L. Brown Jr. John L. Tompkins Brady J. Lory Patrick Mastrian